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Most important questions for small business owners to succeed in today’s multi-dimensional Internet ecosystem

Website design and development has come a long way since the early days of Internet.  What was once invented as a simple network of interconnected documents has now evolved in a complex web of pages, sites, blogs and apps.

A website is no longer an online representation of corporate information, nor is it intended to serve the purpose of solely being an online storefront.  With the advent of several mash-up technologies that allow you to integrate local marketing, audience engagement and online commerce all in one place, your website needs to address a diverse range of needs originating from an equally diverse audience.

It is therefore, highly recommended to build a strategic website plan before contracting a professional firm to build the actual website.  This will help you address your audience and prospective customers in ways that they seek information – through search or social networks or over a mobile device.

What constitutes a Web Site Strategy?

The answer lies in answering four simple questions about your business expectations from the website.

  1. Purpose: Is it meant to just dispense information about the company, or to be used to engage with prospective and existing customers, or is it meant to build the brand, or is it going to be generating additional sales?
  2. Experience: What do your prospective visitors look for when they search online?  Will your website offer a set of interactive tools to help visitors find the information they are looking for?  These questions help you define the technology, delivery medium such as web, mobile etc. for your website.
  3. Marketing: How do you propose to bring visitors in?  Will you use paid search and therefore, want to have specific landing pages for some categories of your services?  Do you want to engage in social conversations and therefore, create and manage social media marketing campaigns?
  4. Revenue Model:  Last but not the least – How do you propose to monetize your website?  Will this be through traditional pay per click advertising and banner displays?  Will you generate leads from your website for your own or other businesses?  Will you sell merchandise on your website?

Carefully constructing a small strategy document before building a website goes a long way towards a successful web project.

If you have already answered the questions above, click here to request us for a free web strategy consultation.

If not, feel free to drop us a line and we will help you create the strategy document for your website.

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