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Internet of Things

What is the internet of Things?

We all know what is The Internet of Things. As our devices got smarter, refrigerators can order grocery, lights can switch themselves on/off as we arrive or leave the house, our cars knows the fastest way to work/home by analyzing the traffic. The evolving technology and hardware is bringing us closer and closer to the Jetson’s era. Internet sits at the core of all this, how can people who depend on the Silicon Valley to make their bread and butter make use of it?

Content strategy

Every online business is made of content. It generates tons of content. Is this content making the most of the technology and tools available today? As your site or blog gets thicker (adds more pages) we loose track of what it’s all about. It’s the clicks. Are you tapping the relevant mediums? Or you are in a race to be in Instagram, Twitter and Facebook because its necessary?

Your content marketing strategy is unique to what you do and it’s necessary that it be evaluated at least once a quarter. It’s a fast changing world. As of this week, Amazon has a new competitor – one can sell on Pinterest, trending tweets are back again in google search and not to forget kim kardashian’s father is her mother!

Make The Internet of Things for content work for you

We need to challenge the outreach every now and then to be the best. For example – Is the Facebook page capitalizing on the Amazon rating? Does your Twitter feed look likes spammers dream? Who follows you on Instagram? Why on earth are you still using Google+? And more importantly how does content across all these platforms talk to each other. That’s what I mean by the Internet of things for content. While your site or blog is your headquarters online, it’s the sales branches that drive business today. Make the Internet of things work for you and your content.

Be relevant. Evaluate how the Internet of Things for content is working for you.

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