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In the race to get more followers, likes and shares, the social media mangers will soon have another variable to consider. Soon there will be another measuring parameter in the overall Social media measurement matrix.

Facebook has come up with a new algorithm that will monitor the time spent on a post. The algorithm will monitor the screen time a post gets. It is not just a simple timer, it will take into account the overall reading habits and intelligently monitor the time spent by user and then analyze.

How will it change the Social Media Measurement Matrix?

In our opinion, this is a good addition to have for a Social Media Manager. We all know and understand that not everyone likes the post or shared it, but many actually read them and just move on. Having time spent on a post in the social media measurement matrix will help managers truly learn how relevant their posts are and can then adapt their strategies accordingly. It will be interesting to see how a picture or idea increased the screen time, even though it might not be getting many likes.

I, hardly like or share posts from brands unless they are truly something that gets me jumping. However I tend to read and follow almost every post by a brand I love and wish to keep in touch with. Even Facebook research agrees with us. Facebook says ‘From research, we learned that in many cases, just because someone didn’t like, comment or share a story in their News Feed doesn’t mean it wasn’t meaningful to them. There are times when, for example, people want to see information about a serious current event, but don’t necessarily want to like or comment on it. Based on this finding, we are updating News Feed’s ranking to factor in a new signal—how much time you spend viewing a story in your News Feed.”

It’s just the beginning and for it to have noticeable impact on the Social Media Measurement Matrix, we need to wait. Even facebooks says: “We’ve started rolling this out and will continue over the coming weeks. We do not expect Pages to see significant changes in distribution as a result of this update.”

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