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I believe the most important skill you need for being a good marketer is to be a good listener. I cannot stress the importance enough of being a good listener so, I’m going to repeat myself –

Be a good listener, when it comes to marketing.

When I say listening, I just don’t imply hearing. I mean really listen to your prospects and your customers interacting with your business. Listen to how you make them feel and that will determine the value you will acquire from their business.

I call it the heuristic listening methodology.

Every interaction with your consumer is a way for you to acquire knowledge about something that helps you improve your 4 p’s of marketing.

The simplest form of listening example that I can cite is not getting any response to an email blast that you sent last week.

Your customers not engaging with the email is an opportunity for you to listen and learn

  • did they not get the email in their inbox?
  • did they not like what you send?
  • did it not display correctly on their phone?
  • do they not like how often you send it?
  • did they not see your location targeted promo in the right location they opened the email?

The 4 pillars of marketing – Product, Promotion, Price & Place can all be optimized for adding significant value, when you have the right listening mechanism in place.

This mechanism is the cornerstone of any marketing department today.

Delving further to your question, when you listen, you also need to act, right? After all, that is the whole purpose of this exercise.

Therefore, heuristic listening comprises of three parts

  1. Analytics – not just the kind you find in google, but carefully documented user actions and behavior that your users demonstrate with every touch point – like video view, pause, white paper download, heat map, search the site, open the email, glance through content, etc… (I would go to the extent of engaging offline+online capabilities to listen in to them walking in the store front after a local promo)
  2. Assessment – Top of the line charting capabilities that help you visualize every single action with filters that start from the first device fingerprint down to the point where they stopped coming to your site altogether
  3. Messaging – Tailoring your message to cater to each customer’s individual demands and the stage of their buying life

This is the holy grail of marketing. If you can perfect this, you do not need any other skill 🙂

I help clients increase their revenue per user by building similar, yet simple listening posts across their customer life-cycle.

I am not going to plug in my website here, but feel free to message me should you want more information.

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