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Buy Directly on Pinterest with the new Pinterest Buy Buttons

Pinterest announced the introduction of a Pinterest buy button today to become a fully integrated e-commerce store. You can now not only find, save and share pins that interest you, but also buy products listed in them pins, right from within the Pinterest ecosystem.  A new blue “Buy It” button will be displayed on the pin in addition to the price of the item being displayed in blue color.

The specifics of this major move are still being rolled out in phases but one thing is clear – Pinterest is aiming to become a global challenger to the mega e-commerce giants like Amazon & Etsy, as a lot of its outbound traffic from these buyable pins will now be redirected to its own e-commerce platform.

Pinterest also launched an interesting video (linked at the bottom of this article) to demonstrate how it’s buyable pins will actually function.

Why Pinterest Buy Button Make Sense

There is no depth to the products that small businesses from across the world are displaying on Pinterest today. Up until now, the merchants were redirecting users to their website to buy the product via a link within the pin’s description.

The company has now included a “blue buy button” to indicate that you can buy this product from within Pinterest. A pin with the product price listed in blue will mean you can buy it right from the mobile app.

Pinterest Buy Button - How it will appear in-app

Pinterest introduces the Pinterest Buy Button to launch its e-Commerce ideas

How Much Will it Cost to Add Buy Buttons?

The company won’t be charging any fee or commission for the sales made by clicking on the Pinterest buy button. They plans to continue making money though promoted pins. With the addition of the ‘buy’ button,  both the number of people displaying products and transacting on the site will increase substantially. Eventually giving them enough opportunity to make money depending on its traditional model of promoted pins.

How will Pinterest Buy button Effect Your Buying & Selling

Like any online business, it’s a business based on visitors. The announcement of the Pinterest Buy Button is just good news for business. It opens up a whole new world, its like they have just been gifted a brand new branch and millions of new customers.

It also means, it will get extremely competitive and will need them to make the use of every piece of code and tool available to ensure their products gets the most clicks. A seller will not only need to make sure product options are available for users, the smart and savvy will ensure he use the right Social, SEO tactics & mediums to promote his shop.

I can’t emphasize enough on the importance for a business to revisit their Pinterest strategy and ensure they are capitalizing on the numerous platforms sitting out there waiting for them to knock. Be it any small business or a large business like Amazon it is all about visibility and unique visitors.  Promoting and optimizing your content and products to cut through competition is extremely important. Additionally selling through is a must have but integrating amazon, ebay, etsy, pinterest, google, yahoo, facebook, etc is the need for the hour for all retailers out there.

It just the beginning for Pinterest, they for now have partnered with Shopify and Demandware to enable small businesses. More options will. The Pinterest article on the announcement we shared in the first line of the article will tell you more on how to get the Pinterest buy button. Or if you us to help  your business implement the Buy Button please give us a shout.

Watch the Pinterest buy button introduction video here

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