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Google - Twitter deal to Show Tweets in Search Results

What does the Google-Twitter Deal mean for your business?

Four years hence, the Google-Twitter deal is done. This deal essentially provides Google access to Twitter’s firehose and Google will display popular tweets quite prominently within the search results.

Starting this year, Twitter will be allowed a section in search results that will appear right in between the other results. If a trending story gets searched on Google, the first thing to appear will be a direct Twitter portal that could lead to the blogging site. During the past couple of years, it was very hard for a tweet to gain enough popularity to show up on a search engine result, but with the new deal it easy now.

The Power of Hashtags

Twitter Strategy for your Business?

The Google-Twitter deal has has made Twitter even more important. It’s time to make your tweets matter by revising your tweeting strategy and take hold of the advantage your business can get from this deal.

This is what you should do –

  1. Tap the twitter trends: If you have something to say that’s relevant to what’s happening out there – say it and say it timely.
  2. Own the Industry trends: These can have a direct impact on your business. We suggest be part of the trends by actively participating and contributing to them.
  3. Hashtag: Make the most of the ‘#’. Use them wisely and don’t let your tweets get lost.

Digital is a proven mouthpiece for a brand today. Working with right tools to initiate, promote, supplement and monitor your online business is important.

To know more about the Google-Twitter deal read it here

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