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Make money on auto-pilot

We built the world’s first fully automated newsletter system.
It automates everything – from user sign-ups to content curation to email delivery & most important –  making money with targeted advertising every step of the way


Sign Up Revenue

Our system delivers unique subscription boxes that not only increase user sign-up rates, but also earn money with targeted co-registration offers from selected advertisers

Newsletter Automation

Add your blog articles, facebook posts, tweets, instagram feed or any social channel – Once setup, it runs on full autopilot, including paid native advertising to make money daily.

Recurring Email Revenue

Once your list is ready, we offer options to add  recurring revenue with sponsored emails from our advertising clients.

Quick & Easy Integration
Our solution is extremely simple to integrate. Whether you use wordpress, drupal or custom CMS for your site, and any Email service on the planet, we can get your user sign-ups & email newsletter set up within 48 hours

Multiple Sign Up Options

Choose from several pre-built layouts or bring your own design for users to sign-up to your newsletters

Email Service Independent

Whether you use mailchimp, aweber or any custom solution, our system will integrate with your solution easily.

Highly Customized Content

Include highly customized content from your blog & social media on your newsletters to keep users interested in emails every day.

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