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Whats is Apple News?

The IOS users will soon have Apple’s own version of the flipboard – Apple News. An app that will integrate news articles from various sources into an easy to read, browse and follow format. Good news for the big publishers, they get easy access to the millions of apple customers.

Not just more eyeballs, the big publishers will get to make more money. The arrangement between apple and the publishers seems more than fair. The publishers get to keep 100% of the generated from ads they sell directly and 70% of the revenue that is generated from Apple’s iAd platform. Once Apple News catches momentum, publishers are likely to charge a premium for the display ads built into the articles designed for the Apple news app.

It seems this will be the future of distributing content. Last month Facebook announced that they introducing – Instant Articles. Instant Articles will give publishers the opportunity to post their articles directly into the Facebook’s news feed. Similarly to Apple News these articles will be specially designed to integrate Facebook API and based on a similar ad revenue sharing model.

What does Apple News, Facebook’s Instant Articles mean for the future of publishers and distributing content?

A Publisher’s world is changing and changing fast. Not soon ago they had to move from the traditional publishing model and embrace digital. Then came the blogs, mobile, apps, real time reporting. And now it’s embracing the ecosystems of these large companies who have access to more than half the world. It’s clear companies or platforms like Android, IOS, Facebook are the one who will control distribution of information in the future. They may already be controlling it . Integrating it all in one place definitely makes sense for the consumer. Integration is not new; we have seen it happen with Goolge Reader and other RSS readers. But it seems the way the smartphones and their ecosystems are growing, they will play a major role in defining the future of distribution for publishers.

You can watch the replay of WWDC conference here

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