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Web Design Company - Key Elements for Effective Web Design

Your website design should reflect your business mission and vision. The web design elements should be aligned to the nature of your business and the content on each page should be easy to read, easy to navigate, and easy to come back to. Overall, you want your web site design to be engaging (yet not overpowering), as well as result oriented (After all, you want your visitors to buy/inquire from you).

An effective web design practice should follow a 4-step presentation style that we call WLEC.

Wow When a visitor has arrived on your page, via organic or paid search placement, their first expression should be a WOW. Before the web users start reading the page, the overall page style creates a mental image in the minds of the visitor about your company. This will determine their interest level in progressing further with looking for information that they came for.

Look The information should be easy to locate, use of header tags, bullet points, appropriate font colors, and emphasizing important parts of the content are some elements of a page, that will help them look and eventually find the information of their interest.

Engage Make sure that this information is of value. You can create a fancy web design template, but if the content is not of meaningful nature, your visitors will leave. Before you spend any effort in arranging the content, get it right. Your content is eventually the key to engaging your visitors

Convert Even after visitors engage with your page, never under-estimate the importance of a prompt or a call to action for the visitors to eventually convert. This call to action is what you should treat as one of the most important elements on your web page. After all, you have spent money, time & energy in engaging the visitor. If they were to leave now, for no prompt was available, your efforts are wasted.

You may want to subscribe visitors for a newsletter, or make a sale, or get a click on another page on your website, or get a click on a paid advertising placement, the above 4 steps are what every user will go through on every page of your website. Addressing these critical components will always result in a clutter breaking, customer relevant, benefit oriented website design that soars high within search engines for the value of your content.

For a free assessment of your current web pages, and a no-obligation free web design quote, write to us at info at silicon-interactive dot com to have one of our associates call you within the day. (Don’t worry about time-zone difference, we work nearly round the clock)

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